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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
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UFC allocates annual funding

The Undergraduate Finance Committee recently distributed $475,000 in funds for next year to 10 student organizations, and most of the allocations were similar to the amounts UFC groups received last year.

The UFC divided up the money from the $40-per-term student activities fee among UFC groups based on the funding proposals submitted by the organizations.

Student representatives from each of the 10 student organizations included in the UFC's budget are included in the 15-member body.

The Collis Governing Board received the smallest percentage of its requested funds, receiving only $7,000 of its requested $19,500.

Dean of Student Life Holly Sateia said the Collis Governing Board has largely been a policy-making and advisory council in recent years, which could be the reason for the UFC's funding reservations.

After renovations to the Collis Center were completed, the board has reorganized, Sateia said, increasing programming with President James Wright's support.

The UFC wants "to see more of a history, how they are going to perform this year before increasing their allotment," Sateia said.

"This is not entirely unexpected," Collis governing board member Paul Nicklas '01 said. "Last time we only got $6,000, so it's about what we got last year."

The Council on Student Organizations also received a small portion of its requested allotment, receiving only $76,300 of its proposed $101,947. The amount is more than a $10,000 increase over its allotment last year of $62,000, however.

The Programming Board typically receives the largest portion of the student activities budget. Their received sum of $230,000 composes nearly half of the allocated funds for next year.

Both the Hopkins Center and the Office of Student Life obtained amounts equivalent to the sums requested.

The Student Life Office obtained $7,700 and the Hop will spend its $20,000 to subsidized tickets for student events.

The Student Assembly received $19,500 of its requested $20,000 this year. Last year it received about $30,000.

According to Sateia, Assembly Vice President Case Dorkey '99 pointed out that the Assembly is the only organization which requested less funding from the UFC than last year.

The Student Assembly's announcement in October that it would give $5,000 of its budget back to the UFC did not affect the budget allotments for the July 1999 to July 2000 fiscal year, Sateia said.

The UFC will meet Monday to discuss how to distribute the returned funds the Assembly said it hoped would be given to COSO.

The College has not yet agreed to supplement the returned funds with the additional $20,000 the Assembly hoped the College would provide.

The give-back raised questions over the necessity of the Assembly's allotment when many organizations are pressed to make ends meet.

The organizations vying for UFC funding are The Programming Board, Class Councils, COSO, the Student Assembly, the Office of Residential Life, the Coed Fraternity Sorority Council, the Hopkins Center, the Dartmouth College Athletic Department, the Office of Student Life and the Collis Governing Board.