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I Need Somebody's Help

(10/12/98 9:00am)

Recently I had some trouble with my computer. This was not nearly as shocking as, say, weather. It doesn't matter what kind of computer you have, or how far into debt it forced you to plunge, or how many languages you can swear at it in (for example: "!a ti no me gusta, computador!"). The fact is it's going to give you some trouble sooner or later, and almost always right after you drop it down a flight of stairs, which is what happened to mine.

A Silent Struggle

(10/12/98 9:00am)

The following anonymous column, which was recently received by the editorial office of The Dartmouth, provides a crash course in what it is like to be a Dartmouth student with an eating disorder. This student describes accurately the desperation and the invisibility that students with eating disorders feel on this campus. Our first reaction to the letter is that we are glad the writer finally feels "ready" to begin the recovery process. Our second reaction is that we know a number of Dartmouth students with very similar stories who have gotten the help they needed from the Dartmouth College Health Service. Dartmouth's Eating Disorder Treatment Team is multi-disciplinary, and its confidential services are available to all Dartmouth students. Call 650-1442 to arrange an appointment with a counselor or the nutritionist or 650-1401 for appointments with medical professionals either in women's health or in primary care. There is a counselor-on-call 24 hours/day for emergencies. Call 650-1440 to reach the inpatient nurses who will connect you with the counselor-on-call after office hours.