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The Value of Compassion

(10/22/98 9:00am)

It doesn't affect me, so why should I care?" It is appalling on a campus supposedly brewing with our world's future leaders, how many times I've heard that comment and others just like it. If Dartmouth students are going to inherit global leadership positions, we must realize the importance of issues that do not directly effect us but do have an impact on our peers.

Across the River

(10/22/98 9:00am)

My father used to tell me that he walked 10 miles and had to swim across a river just so that he could go to school. Since he grew up in a war-torn country, I believed him. Now if I have any kids, I can tell them that I had to trek across an entire state and swim across the Connecticut River so that I could go to college. Of course I won't bother to mention that Dartmouth is located right on the border of Vermont and New Hampshire.