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February 27, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

New One Dartmouth tries to unite leaders

One Dartmouth, a group for College organization leaders founded last Spring term 1998, will host its first campus-wide event this Saturday.

James Gallo '99, Rachel Gilliar '98 and Marene Jennings '98 founded the group to counteract what they saw as poor communication among student organizations at the College.

"There are numerous explanations [for founding One Dartmouth], but a primary reason is that many organizational leaders do not know each other," Gallo said.

"The purpose of One Dartmouth is to increase communication and interaction among Dartmouth leaders and organizations that do not normally work together," Gallo said.

Dean of Student Life Holly Sateia advises One Dartmouth, which includes leaders from campus organizations such as the Tucker Foundation, Native Americans at Dartmouth, Panhellenic Council, the Afro-American Society, Alianza Latina, Student Assembly, Palaeopitus and the Programming Board.

One Dartmouth plans to meet twice a term to discuss the challenges College organizations face, promote leadership development, coordinate programming, encourage organizations to work together pro-actively and allow leaders to interact. Once a term they plan to organize an event for the entire campus.

One Dartmouth sponsored a Unity barbecue outside the River Cluster this past Green Key Weekend. The event drew members from over 20 organizations.

The group also held a Leadership Summit this fall to allow student leaders, the College president, the dean of the College, the provost and the dean of faculty to interact.

Cynthia Anderson '99, president of the Panhellenic Council, said she hopes One Dartmouth will give recognition to College groups that work on projects together.

Anderson said the only criticisms One Dartmouth has received so far regard its apparent lack of novelty. Some people questioned whether other campus organizations already exist that promote the same goal of unity.

But after considering the criticism with other prospective One Dartmouth members last spring, Anderson said she still felt the group is necessary.

"By providing a forum with support and resources through which campus leaders come together, we're providing a service. Such a forum had not existed," Anderson said.

The group's Progressive Party this Saturday will include a barbecue at the Native Americans at Dartmouth house from 6:30 to 8:00, a performance by the Rockapellas and Decibelles at the dean of the College's hose on 13 Choate Road at 9:00, a step show at Collis from 11:00 to 1:00 and a party at the Cutter-Shabazz hall at 2:00.

"Hopefully, it will encourage people to go to places they do not normally frequent," Gallo said.

Anderson said she thinks the party this Saturday is an accomplishment because it "involves Greek houses in a less typical social event."

"I hope it is well attended," Anderson said.