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College renegotiates soda contracts: Coke, Pepsi compete for lucrative pouring and vending agreements

(10/27/98 11:00am)

Cola wars have been raging in America since the early 1980s when television became the prime battlefield for carbonated beverage companies, namely the Coca-Cola Company and Pepsico Inc, competing for a spot in every American's refrigerator.

One Dartmouth

(10/26/98 11:00am)

Last winter when a Star of David with the message "Death to You" was scrawled on the door of one of the River apartments, the response was a forum in the Roth Center with a huge panel of students from all walks of Dartmouth life, followed by a break-out session in smaller groups, after which we returned to the larger group to present our ideas about ending hate at Dartmouth. This was yet another well-intentioned beginning to the cycle of the campus' reaction: hysterical outcry, followed by diminished interest, followed by silence until the next incident. Another meeting was scheduled for a week later, but this time it was in 101 Collis and 20 students attended, instead of the 200 that had been at the Roth Center. Several weeks, and several more meetings came and went, and still the group dwindled. Soon, there were three of us left: Marene Jennings '98, James Gallo '99 and me.

Give the Rugby Team a Clubhouse

(10/26/98 11:00am)

No offense to the news section of The Dartmouth, but I rarely bother to read it. It's not that I am an apathetic ignoramus whose interests do not venture outside the frat basement. Rather, I find that many of the issues simply do not concern me in any fashion. Fine, call me self-absorbed for it. But, hey, at least I'm honest. However, a few weeks ago, while browsing through the newspaper, I did, to my own surprise, notice an article which was actually quite pertinent to myself, and being the egocentric scoundrel I am, I read on.

Big Green travel to Cornell in search of .500 mark

(10/23/98 9:00am)

The joke is always the same when Dartmouth and Cornell get together. The Big Green versus the Big Red in the battle of the Christmas colors. While usually a stale punchline, the thought of Christmas and getting home for the holidays will not be far out of mind for the loser of this contest, who can forget about the Ivy League title race.

Let's Start a Revolution

(10/23/98 9:00am)

Lately it seems we have a lot of freshmen punks around here bent on taking over the world. Well, at least that one kid with his rise of capitalism or whatever. Back in my day (last year), we freshmen didn't spend our time planning massive overhauls of the global socioeconomic order. Between attempting to hook up and locating food, that pretty much rounded out our brain wave activity for the day.

Fulfilling Our Responsibility

(10/23/98 9:00am)

On Thursday, October 15, many members of the Dartmouth community participated in a vigil in memory of victims of hate crimes throughout the country, particularly Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, both of whom were killed because someone decided that their lives as a gay and black man, respectively, were not valuable. While it is disheartening that such acts of hatred still occur in this country in 1998, the factors that lead up to such horrifying episodes occur daily in our lives and in this community. Whether a result of ignorance or fear, hatred and supremacy lead to casual random acts that kill parts of people's spirits every day. This was the case this past weekend as we celebrated Homecoming. Several members of the community showed their "school spirit" by wearing t-shirts depicting a bull dog performing oral sex on an Indian with the words "Yale Sucks." While that image may have been intended to encourage some spirits, its affect on others was tremendously painful. How would you feel if the Indian on that shirt was replaced by a caricature of your father or grandfather, in the name of "tradition?" The offense and disgust that that image brings you may be similar to the feelings of many Native American students and others who empathize with and understand their experiences when they saw the shirt. How does it feel to see that caricature in a place that you are encouraged to call home -- a community that people have ensured you is safe, welcoming and respecting of you and your culture?

Doogie at Dartmouth

(10/23/98 9:00am)

If, for some inexplicable reason, I was held at gunpoint and ordered to name the one person from late 1980s network television that I admired most, I would say Doogie Howser. My first thought would probably be, "Why is the guy with the gun asking me this?" but my second thought would definitely be about everyone's favorite teenage doctor.

The Importance of Respect

(10/23/98 9:00am)

Events during the past week or so have reminded me of some of the great strengths of the Dartmouth community, as well as of some painful problems that persist in this and other communities. Last Thursday, a couple hundred students, joined by some faculty and staff of the College as well as some local residents, marched by candlelight from the front of Dartmouth Hall to the Roth Center.