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Why Ask Why?

(05/20/97 9:00am)

Since Julian Jaynes' origin of conscious ness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind, the first questions entertained by men -- even before the cave-dwellers of Western Asia, North America, and the European peninsula painted graffiti on their walls--were questions of an unanswerable nature, all beginning with the parentally-dreaded, aspiratory phoneme "Why?" Several millennia later, verb forms introduced the existential "Why is?" You can be sure that there was a class of linguistic innovators, probably burned at the stake, for slotting noun phrases in at the end of this predicate.

The Great ORL Conspiracy

(05/19/97 9:00am)

Last summer when my housing notice finally came I excitedly tore it open. I quickly scanned the page to find out where I would be living: Cohen. I had never heard of that dorm so I took out my trusty Dartmouth map and I looked for it, and I looked and looked and looked and then, when I finally found it, I realized my mistake. I had been looking on campus when everyone knows that the Choates are practically in West Leb. Well I did finally find them and all hopes for good housing weren't dashed immediately. It was still possible they could be nice dorms, have big rooms, their own bathrooms, fireplaces ... well, that was a fantasy.

Is Dartmouth a 'jock'School? Perceptions of the role of athletics at the College vary among students around the Ivy League, and also at Dartmouth

(05/19/97 9:00am)

A Dartmouth student or graduate has competed in every Winter Olympics since their inception in 1924. Dartmouth graduates include the likes of professional athletes like Cincinnati Bengals football standout Reggie Williams '76 and current Pittsburgh Pirates baseball slugger Mark Johnson '90.