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Dialogue According to Brown: Closed-Mindedness

(11/19/97 11:00am)

In his latest column, "Dialogue and Taboo" [The Dartmouth, November 3], Scott Brown writes, "When we debate, we tend to waste valuable intellectual energy proving the other person wrong, rather than promoting our point of view." I suppose he is being critical of a captious person like me. To refresh the readers' memory, I wrote a column last week that debunked the opinions favoring government intervention to overcome income inequality in the U.S. -- but without advancing my own solution.

Violent Athletes Must Learn to Vent Their Anger in Other Ways

(11/19/97 11:00am)

A look at November 6th ESPN Sportszone website gave an observant viewer a rather chilling sign of the times. One thread ties together three seemingly different stories together. The first story highlights the success of the Carolina Hurricanes against the Detroit Red Wings despite losing the goalie Sean Burke, who has been arrested on charges of assaulting his wife. In the side column is a story about Jose Caneso being arrested for allegedly beating his wife. Another story talks of Gilbert Brown, nosetackle for the Green Bay Packers Beating accepting a punishment, while admitting to a judge that he beat his live- in girlfriend during an argument.

An Uncompromising Position

(11/19/97 11:00am)

I spent the last two terms off-campus, living with my family at home. Though some people groan at the thought, I consciously planned this so I could spend quality time with my parents and younger brother before I go off to who-knows-where after graduation. I cherished the time with them, yet I couldn't wait to get back to campus to regain my independent identity. I spent the six non-Dartmouth months soul-searching and trying to see into the fog of the future where I might be headed next.

Part One: The Pre-Med Problem

(11/18/97 11:00am)

He flipped his Yankees cap to the back and flashed his post-orthodontia grin in cocky self-assurance. "Oh man, that's AWESOME!" he boomed unnecessarily to the Tommy Hilfiger poster boy sitting inches away. "You went up to that guy and told him Britain sucks?! You are the BOMB!" The final silent 'b' flew in shock waves around the London Underground, zinging painfully into the ears of everyone in the subway car. Standing nearby with my vinyl shoulder bag and urban "don't-mess-with-me" facial expression, my eyes did an amused pan of the nearby travelers.

Prohibitionist Tendencies

(11/18/97 11:00am)

Part 1: The creation of the United States is interesting in that the country was essentially founded by Puritans and criminals. Though many groups have added to the mix since its inception, our country shows the influence of these two forces throughout its history. Occasionally the criminals won out, taking the Puritans along for a ride, as with the genocide and displacement of Native Americans, and sometimes the Puritanical side of America dominates, best demonstrated by Prohibition. These two faces of our nation, our yin and yang, continually oscillate back and forth in their perpetual wrestling match for control of our hearts and minds. Life being what it is, neither side is essentially good or bad; they can spawn either growth and understanding, or chaos and destruction. One area in which these forces have reached an impasse and the one in which I am interested in speaking of is alcohol policy.