Kendal worker accused of stealing

by Kascha B. Semon | 11/19/97 6:00am

For the second time in four months, Hanover police have arrested an employee of the Kendal retirement home for stealing money from elderly residents' rooms. Kendal is less than two miles from campus.

Anne Marie Rose, a housekeeper at the Kendal retirement home, turned herself into Hanover Police last Monday after being contacted by Detective Sean Depuis for stealing money from a planted purse in a room to which she had access, Detective Sgt. Frank Moran told the Valley News.

Police began their investigation after the Kendal administration reported several incidents of theft.

"I personally feel this is very sad circumstance," Kendal's Executive Director Leonard Cadwallder told the Valley News. "This is not something that happens a lot here."

The first arrest occurred in late July when Nursing Assistant Shannon Kilton was charged with the theft of more than $30,000 in jewelry from residents. Kilton pleaded not guilty to the charges in Grafton County Superior Court last month.

Cadwallder told The Dartmouth in July this was the first incident of its kind in the six years he had worked at Kendal.

He said the alleged thefts do not reflect poorly on the staff as a whole. He said the proximity of the two incidents was a coincidence.

Kendal provides long term housing for approximately 370 residents -- about 10 percent of them are Dartmouth alumni.

The home, which opened only seven years ago, has a waiting list of one to 10 years.

Kendal is located just a few minutes from campus on Lyme Road, and, unlike many other retirement homes, most of its residents live independently. Kendal has no social director and most of its programs are initiated by the active residents.