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Transcript Trauma

(10/29/97 11:00am)

Last week I received a perfectly typed copy of my college transcript. I laughed when I saw the seal on my transcript. It looked so official, so crisp. I was almost afraid to touch it. I decided to skim the transcript checking over my courses and my past grades. Soon I became excited as I looked at my grades, for there were As and A-s and several B+s. I had forgotten that I had done so well my first few terms here.

Clarissa explains it all in latest release, 'Blood and Commons': Uncommonly original release by Chapel Hill, N.C. trio hopes to make waves in the indie rock music market

(10/28/97 11:00am)

For fans of cheesy Nickelodeon sitcoms, the name Clarissa conjures the image of an annoying Blossom wannabe. For fans of indie rock bands, the name Clarissa conjures the image of a Chapel Hill trio whose diverse music has paved the way for bands such as Ben Folds Five and Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Majority of the World Doesn't Have Same Opportunities

(10/28/97 11:00am)

Abiola Lapite's column ("Inequality of Wealth is a Force for Good," Oct. 22, The Dartmouth) was more than misguided, it was worrisome. It outlined the age-old argument that the inequality of wealth is a good thing because those who are motivated and work hard deserve the wealth that they earn, while the "lazier and less reflective individuals" among us deserve the poverty and obscurity that naturally accompany those traits.

A Cynic is Just An Idealist With a Broken Heart

(10/28/97 11:00am)

A famous author, I think it was Twain or Hemingway, once said that a cynic is nothing more than an idealist with a broken heart. I am amazed at how true that statement is. As I've grown and watched others around me grow and develop, I've noticed the unmistakable trend of losing our innocence: our idealism and our belief in the benevolence of humanity.

'Insider's guide' says it has answers

(10/28/97 11:00am)

Any college-bound high school senior can attest to the fact that college applications are an exhausting process. From scoring high on the SATs to carefully crafting application essays, thousands of applicants each year wonder what more they can do to guarantee that coveted acceptance letter from the college or university of their choice.Now a controversial new book written by a former College admissions officer claims to provide many of the answers.