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Terrorism In the United States Breeds An Acceptance Reminiscent of Israel

(08/08/96 9:00am)

Last week I was asked several times: "So, what do you think about all this terrorism lately?" Some of the inquirers did not know where I am from. They did not know that in my country, terrorist attacks are a sad fixture of a daily life scarred by blood and tears. They did not know that the scenes on CNN this week -- the frightened crowds, injured civilians, crying parents, flying debris and a president declaring that we will not let terrorists wear us down -- are as familiar to me as the musical tone announcing the evening news.

Rethinking the Honor Code

(08/08/96 9:00am)

An academic honor code that all Dartmouth students would abide by and protect is a most noble and idealistic concept. And like most noble and idealistic concepts, it isn't much more than that. Most people are well aware that the trust placed by the community on students is frequently breached without much importance being attached to the action. And yet we hesitate to refer to these incidents in public because we would like to hold on to that beautiful notion of a body of students abiding by a set of principles even when the threat of dishonest acts being exposed is largely absent.

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