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Application of the Grading System

(10/28/96 11:00am)

In his column on Friday Marc Yasuda '98 responded to my previous column, concerning how '98s are going to get short-changed in the awarding of honors when they graduate because of the new distributive requirements for their class. What was fascinating about Yasuda's response was how he attacked me for being a "grade grubber" -- someone who cares too much about their GPA and not enough about learning. Mr. Yasuda's main point was really that grades don't matter, and one shouldn't be concerned with them.

Coeds are the Solution to the Sorority and Fraternity Disparity

(10/28/96 11:00am)

C and P (Carolyn Wachsman '99 and Polina Globerman '99) point to some real problems and contradictions with the sorority rush system, and more generally with the single-sex Greek system at Dartmouth. However, they (like most people who write about the Greek system), ignore the existence of coed houses within this system. In doing so, I believe, they ignore a potential solution to the issues that they raise.

The Call

(10/25/96 9:00am)

Since I arrived at Dartmouth, I have been asked the question, "What is your major?" more times than I care to remember. This comes from upper and underclassmen alike. It comes from people who have wanted to be a doctor since fifth grade, and it comes from those who were born into the legal profession.

Comment Cards: What's the Point?

(10/25/96 9:00am)

While you were munching on your Harold Burgers in Food Court this fall, I'd wager you were unaware that quietly but staunchly, a war was raging under your nose, a food fight of the cleanest kind. On the bulletin board behind the Food Court trays, Jake O'Shea '97 has been staging a comment card campaign in valiant defense of that which has been described by another as "your friend" and "the thing that comforts you when your girlfriend dumps you." Naturally only one thing could leap to mind. That's right, the old fries.

Magna Come On!

(10/25/96 9:00am)

I suppose it is possible one could go through Dartmouth College and spend four years camped out in the stacks only in pursuit of recognition and a cum laude sticker on their diploma. But of course, I suppose it is possible one could spend $120,000 on sour milk, too. In response to Wednesday's misguided article by Aaron Klein titled, "'98s Just As Smart," in which he vehemently grieves about the '98's getting "screwed as a class in terms of GPA awards like cum laude, magna cum laude, suma cum laude and phi beta kappa," I feel compelled to just as vehemently grieve over Klein's sentiments.

Off the Warpath

(10/25/96 9:00am)

Every ten years or so, Dartmouth students, running out of more important things to worry about, set out to find a new school mascot. It happened in 1973 and 1984. So, since there are clearly no major social issues out there about which we should be concerned right now, here we go again in '96. Whee! Go, team.

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