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Behold the Superman

(11/01/96 11:00am)

After reading Abiola Lapite '98's column, "Ecce Homo," I had to take another look around the campus to make sure that I was attending the same school as its author, Abiola Lapite. No one has approached me about joining a cult, nor have I received any harassment on my way to the library. I actually think that the studious habits of the men and women at this college have had a very positive impact on my own.

Candy Utopia

(11/01/96 11:00am)

On the eve of Halloween, suddenly, on what was otherwise an average grease-seeking mission to Food Court, I was possessed by an idea. That very night my roommate and I committed a flagrantly unusual random act ... of kindness, and I haven't had that much fun since 90210 went into syndication.

Think About Racism This Weekend

(11/01/96 11:00am)

This weekend, nearly 300 students, faculty and administrators from schools across the Northeast will gather at Dartmouth to discuss ways to counter racism and discrimination in higher education. These conversations will take place as part of a conference hosted by Dartmouth's Interracial Concerns Committee titled "The Challenges of Diversity: From Talkin' the Talk to Walkin' the Walk."

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