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The Mascot: An Off-Campus Perspective

(11/06/96 11:00am)

At least from an off-campus perspective, Dartmouth's mascot seems to be the pressing issue of the term. Moose? Mountaineers? Indians? Kermits? Big Green Slimes? Opinions and suggestions abound, as does criticism of the group that is attempting to bring a new mascot to The Big Green. In a recent issue of The Dartmouth, Anat Levtov '98 disparaged the move to find a new mascot when there are more pressing issues at hand ["The Next Project for Dartmouth," Oct. 21, 1996]. Levtov is both correct and in error.

The Problem of Happiness

(11/06/96 11:00am)

I was pleased with the argument that Brian Dalton '97 was advancing in his column "Behold the Man, and Bewar(y)" [Oct. 31] as a rebuttal against Abiola Lapite's column "Ecce Homo" [Oct. 28], until I read the last couple of paragraphs. What disappointed me was that by readily accepting the pursuit of happiness as an ideal way of life, Dalton was leaving his life "unexamined," contradicting his own statement that "happiness should not exist at the expense of knowledge."

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