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Write-in Michael Douglas for President

(11/20/95 11:00am)

I am voting for Michael Douglas. No doubt about it. Sure, he doesn't have the military record or objectivity of Colin Powell. But thank God he's not Bob Dole, who is still figuring out why he wants to be coronated, or, excuse me, why he wants to run. Michael Douglas if rather perfect. His "American President" is the dream President of that Democratic majority. He is the man Clinton was supposed to be but clearly is not.

Misogyny Via E-mail

(11/20/95 11:00am)

Last week more than 300 women (mostly students) at Dartmouth received a copy of an extraordinarily misogynistic electronic-mail message that had been written by a group of men at another Ivy League college. It appears that one or more Dartmouth students received the message from friends on other campuses, and they in turn forwarded it to women -- including many that they did not personally know -- on various Dartmouth BlitzMail lists, with the intention of sharing their outrage over its content. The message enumerates 75 reasons why women should not have freedom of speech, and while not a particularly imaginative example of this despicable genre, it expressed hatred of women in vicious and angry ways.

SAT Recentering 'Defines Down' Success

(11/17/95 11:00am)

When SAT scores were sent home last week, one student in Laguna Hills, California had reason to be happy -- he got a 1,600. A student in Midwood, New York also got a 1,600 on the test, as did 73 other students across the country, triple last year's figure. The reason? The Educational Testing Service, which administers the test, "recentered" scores in order to boost the mean on each section to 500.

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