Student attacked at Hop

by Charles Davant | 11/20/95 6:00am

An unidentified male allegedly attacked a Dartmouth student in front of the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts early Friday morning.

The assault, which occurred in the courtyard between the Hanover Inn and the Hopkins Center at approximately 12:15 a.m., appeared to be unprovoked, College Proctor Bob McEwen said.

Although the victim was not injured, he was taken to Dick's House for observation. McEwen declined to release the name of the victim, who is male.

According to McEwen, when the victim "turned to leave the area, he noticed there were two people standing there. The male made a comment to him, and the student just kept walking."

"For no reason, totally unprovoked, this individual tackled him around the legs," he said. "The student fell to the ground, and the assailant hit him in the head a couple times."

McEwen said the victim could not detect the smell of alcohol on his assailant.

According to a poster hung by Safety and Security, "the suspect was described as 5'8" -- 5'10", medium build, medium length dark blond hair. He was wearing a long dark coat. He appeared to be younger than college age."

The assailant, who was probably a high school student, fled between the Hopkins Center and the Hood Museum of Art, the alert states. McEwen said the assailant's companion did not participate in the alleged attack.

McEwen said the Dartmouth student got a good view of his attacker.

"He is pretty sure if he sees the person again he could positively identify him," he said. But the student never glimpsed his attacker's companion.

Detective Sergeant Frank Moran, who is investigating the incident for Hanover Police, could not be reached for comment.

McEwen was careful to avoid revealing the nature of the investigation.

"I have to be careful what I say," he said. "There is some information that the victim has given that might be of some value later in the investigation."