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Survey polls students’ views on Dartmouth’s plan for the 2020-2021 academic year

(08/07/20 5:45am)

Since the College released its plans for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year, Dartmouth students have been faced with difficult decisions over what they want their upcoming year to look like. Recently, The Dartmouth surveyed the student body on its opinions and reactions regarding the College’s plans for the upcoming academic year. The following article presents the findings.

Full results from The Dartmouth’s Fall 2019 politics survey

(12/18/19 5:30pm)

The Dartmouth conducted a poll last month collecting students’ views on the upcoming presidential race and current political issues. Some of the key results were published at the end of the fall term. This article analyzes the results of the poll in full, on topics including: favorability of key institutions and people, which Democratic candidates students think have the best chance of defeating President Donald Trump, important policy issues and students’ motivation to vote in the election. 

Buttigieg, Warren lead in Dartmouth students' 2020 preferences

(11/19/19 7:15am)

As the days become colder in New Hampshire, the 2020 presidential race has been heating up, with a little less than three months remaining before the first-in-the-nation primary. The Dartmouth conducted a poll last week collecting students’ views on the upcoming presidential race and current political issues. Here, we present some of the key results. A more detailed analysis of survey results will be published online in the near future. 

Survey finds College’s new residential policy widely unpopular

(10/17/19 6:15am)

As students arrived on campus this fall, they were greeted by several changes impacting the College. These included the new restrictions on dorm and house center access, the settlement of the sexual misconduct class action lawsuit against the College and the implementation of the new Chosen Name and Identity initiative. Earlier this term, The Dartmouth surveyed the student body on their opinions regarding these three topics. The following article presents some of the results.

Election survey polls students' views on politics and ideological views

(06/28/19 6:00am)

Following one of the most divisive elections in recent memory, the 2020 presidential election looks to be a critical moment for American politics. One month ago, The Dartmouth conducted a poll recording the political and ideological views of Dartmouth’s student body. Now, after the first round of debates in the highly competitive Democratic Primary, we present some of its results. 

Class of 2019: Senior Survey

(06/08/19 6:15am)

For the fourth year in a row, The Dartmouth conducted a survey recording the opinions and experiences of Dartmouth’s graduating class. Since arriving at Dartmouth in 2015, the Class of 2019 has experienced the aftershocks of changes at the College, in the nation, and across the globe — all while traversing their academic work and arranging their post-graduation lives. The following four sections canvas the Class of 2019’s views on campus issues, student life, national politics and their futures ahead.