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Stop residence hall damage

(07/22/94 9:00am)

As any resident of the Gold Coast cluster knows, there has been a disturbing level of dorm damage only four weeks into this term. Here are just a few of the things that have happened so far: the kitchen has been egged, windows have been broken, and human feces has been left on the floor and toilet in a Gile Hall men's bathroom. As all students certainly know by now, the cost of repairing dorm damage is spread out over the entire hall, and added to each student's bill at the end of the term. This system is neither fair in its method of punishment, nor is it an adequate way of preventing further damage.

Tourist guides lead travelers astray

(06/24/94 9:00am)

Many '96s have just returned from Language Studies Abroad, and most took advantage of the opportunity to travel while in Europe or elsewhere about the globe. To these students and to all those who plan on traveling in the future, the name "Let's Go" is or will be permanently imprinted on their minds. I, too, was a "Let's Go" traveler and commonly referred to the book as the Bible. In retrospect, however, although this book opens the world to budget-minded travelers, it also has the paradoxical effect of depersonalizing that world and tragically making a once-unique experience cliche.

Common Hang Out

(02/24/94 11:00am)

What good is a designated common ground that is used for only specially programmed events? With its vaulted roof, glossy hardwood floors and ornate wooden mantelpiece, it is one of the most elegant rooms on campus. Tragically, most students on campus have no reason to spend any time in the room on an average day.

Change with Help from All

(02/17/94 11:00am)

This subject has probably been beaten to death, but not all that needs to be said has been said. A group calling itself the Dartmouth Alliance for Social Change issued a letter Monday to administrators demanding the immediate abolition of the Coed Fraternity and Sorority System. Regardless of personal opinions regarding the system as a whole, anyone can see that this effort at reform is inherently flawed in its one-sidedness.

Social Options Outside the City

(02/09/94 11:00am)

A pair of popular buzzwords on campus is "social options," used almost always in the same context as the new Collis Center and to criticize the Greek system. The basic argument usually associated is that there is nothing to do at Dartmouth. It's boring. Exciting as cardboard. "There's nothing to do," said one anonymous '97, quoted in the last issue of Bug, "and I don't consider drinking something to do."

Let under-21 in the Lone Pine Tavern

(01/05/94 11:00am)

The new Collis has opened, and yes, it is beautiful. It is bright, it is big, and despite the shortage of seating, the food is remarkably quick and tasty. The pool room has appeared to stay busy, and judging from the number of people who play video games in Thayer Hall, the arcade should get plenty of use as well. The Lone Pine Tavern is playfully, yet tastefully, decorated with spirited paraphernalia, such as bonfire photos, a Dartmouth Avenue street sign, and a giant Penguin with a D on its chest. It has the potential that administrators have predicted to provide entertainment on the neutral level.

Cast off the shackles of daily planners

(11/22/93 11:00am)

It is no secret that Dartmouth students have an addiction to time. Everywhere you look, students, and occasionally professors and administrators, are stumbling around campus running into stationary objects and tripping down stairs. Strangely, however, this behavior has nothing to do with careless debauchery, but instead with anal retentiveness. I am writing about people who plan every hour of their day in those ridiculous daily planners.

On the run from campus po'

(11/10/93 11:00am)

It's about 1:30 Saturday morning, and you decide to walk home. You may have had a couple of beers, but not enough to intoxicate you. But, before you venture outside to make the perilous journey home, you smear the black camouflage paint across your face, slip into jet-black fatigues and put on black combat boots. You hide in the shadows and stumble through underbrush, taking the least visible route home.

Strong turnout needed for Greek system referendum

(11/03/93 11:00am)

One week from tomorrow, a Student Assembly referendum will gauge the student body's opinion on a single sex Greek System. In reality, it will gauge the opinions of those who vote. This referendum will not result in changes to the current structure of the Greek system. However, by the number of students who participate, it will show how much students are interested in controlling the fate of their own system.

Extend finals library hours

(10/06/93 10:00am)

Although finals are not something to look forward to, try picturing this scenario: It's late, you are tucked far back in the stacks of Baker Library, and you are trying to cram 10 weeks of reading into one night. Most of the light that you've been exposed to during the day has been trickling out of a low wattage fluorescent bulb. You are tired, but you cannot go home and go to sleep. If you are like most students, you have postponed your studying or research to this last possible moment.

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