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Editor's Note

(08/11/16 11:50pm)

A few weeks ago, all anyone was talking about were the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The internet was ablaze with recordings of speeches, political attack articles and photos of Bill Clinton kicking balloons. Now, although my Facebook newsfeed and my phone’s New York Times updates have been taken over by Olympics buzz, the lasting significance of the two party nominees weighs over our heads as we decide how to vote this November.The Class of 2018 has something to say about their voting preferences in this week’s issue of the Mirror. Hopefully, their voices serve as a reminder of the impact that our decisions on who to vote for, and whether to vote at all, have this fall.

Donations fund new academic clusters

(01/12/16 12:40am)

Dartmouth has achieved its goal of securing $100 million in philanthropy to establish ten new interdisciplinary groups of faculty members, called “academic clusters,” by the end of 2015. The clusters will focus on crucial world challenges such as global health, poverty and cybersecurity. The endowment was secured in 20 months time, due to three final gifts given in December.

Liz Stahler brings experience, “warmth” to new position as sexual assault counselor

(10/21/15 11:56pm)

When Liz Stahler was 16, she was a sexual health educator on an AIDS action committee. After her sophomore year of college, she interned at a California prison, focusing on supporting female prisoners. Following a brief stint as a folk song writer and singer, she entered graduate school for social work, where she interned at Wellesley College in the counseling department. This August, Stahler joined the Dick’s House staff as a counselor devoted to supporting survivors of sexual assault, a new position at the College.

Behind the façade: Helping, hurting and healing

(10/09/15 1:41am)

A cursory glance around any area on campus — Baker Lobby, Collis’s pasta line, the Green — will reveal an idyllic, picturesque scene. Smiling, chatty students eagerly discuss weekend plans and love life drama or offhandedly joke about how unprepared they are for an upcoming midterm, but deeper anxieties or troubles are rarely revealed. You may never know that the put-together, confident girl describing her busy social calendar over King Arthur Flourhad trouble getting out of bed this morning.

County Attorneys hold office hours, see low student turnout

(05/22/15 12:39am)

Spurred by a suggestion in a November discussion about sexual assault at the College, two Grafton County attorneys have begun holding open office hours on a monthly basis at the College with the intent of answering legal questions students may have on a variety of topics. Organizers say that the program can be a good resource to students, but thus far there has been little student participation.

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