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Review: boygenius’ EP “the rest” Stands On Its Own

(10/23/23 6:15am)

On Oct. 13, indie-rock supergroup boygenius marked the near-end of their tour, aptly-titled “the tour,” with the release of a four-track EP, “the rest.” The band, which consists of the individually acclaimed Julian Baker, Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers, released their first full-length album, “the record,” this past March, which is why many fans were surprised by the announcement of “the rest” six months after. Though the EP’s name may seem to imply a collection of leftovers, Bridgers, in a recent interview with Apple Music, claimed that she believes “these songs don’t belong on ‘the record,’” and I agree. 

Review: ‘GUTS’ Tackles the Intricacies of Girlhood, Heartbreak and Fame

(09/18/23 6:00am)

“I am light as a feather and as stiff as a board,” sings 20-year old Olivia Rodrigo in the first line of her long-anticipated sophomore album, “GUTS,” released on Sept. 8. This familiar phrase serves as a fitting introduction to the album’s primary themes: grappling with one’s own sense of self while dealing with society’s relentless expectations. “GUTS” tells the story of a teenage girl on the brink of adulthood uncovering the distinct realities of girlhood and womanhood through the lenses of heartbreak, fame and self-doubt. 

Review: Lizzy McAlpine’s performance in Boston exhibited her versatility as a musician and performer

(05/08/23 6:05am)

By 6 p.m., on May 1, a line of teenagers clad in floral maxi skirts and leather jackets snaked past the drunken pre-game chaos of Fenway’s sport-themed bars, over the David Ortiz Bridge and onto the urban side-street past it. Boston’s House of Blues wouldn’t open their doors until 7 p.m., but these devoted concert-goers bided their time, happily sacrificing an hour to secure a spot on the General Admission floor to see Lizzy McAlpine. Amidst Fenway’s boisterous atmosphere, as Red Sox fans filtered into the neighboring stadium, the hum of whirling anticipation and wistful melodies echoed down Lansdowne Street, outside the stadium’s high green walls.