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A Guide to Dartmouth Lingo

(04/14/17 3:28am)

For a freshman entering college for the first time, the adjustment from high school can often feel overwhelming. There are so many new experiences that it can be difficult to balance classes, social life and extracurricular activities. Some might argue that figuring out your future should be your priority at Dartmouth, but I would say that an equally (if not more) important task is keeping up with the lingo. No one liked having to ask their cool trip leader what getting “golden tree’d” is, and so to help our incoming ’21s maintain the illusion of not being the worst class ever, here is a quick guide to the Dartmouth slang they might encounter at Dimensions and beyond.

Quiz: Is it Worth the Free Food?

(02/23/17 6:33am)

Every event organizer knows that the best way to ensure (at least minimal) attendance from flaky college kids is non-DDS free food. The blitzes and GroupMes provide a constant stream of possibilities, but when it comes down to it there’s most definitely A-side and B-side options in the free food world. Many factors come into play when determining whether or not the trek to Collis or Novack is worth the reward, so here’s a quiz to help you with your decision:

Nine Types of GroupMes You've Been a Part Of

(02/04/17 1:45am)

Whether you like it or not, the GroupMe messaging app is an integral part of the Dartmouth experience. It somehow has all your contacts and lets you get in touch with almost everyone on campus, so naturally it’s a go-to for the groups that don’t necessarily need your digits. The number of chats you’re in is directly proportional to your social capital, since with more involvement comes more GroupMes. And while everyone’s experience with GroupMe is unique, there are common themes that unite all typical Dartmouth students. Here are a few examples of the types of GroupMes that you’ve been a part of during your years here:

The Best Cold Cuts on Campus

(01/26/17 11:21pm)

Every Dartmouth student is probably already familiar with the “warm cut” – a path to class or your dorm that, if not more efficient, provides brief respite from the frigid Hanover weather. Whether it’s through Baker-Berry on the way to drill or a quick detour into Collis while you’re headed toward the Hop, warm cuts are an important way to keep up morale during the dark months of winter term.

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