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de Wolff: End Test-Optional Admissions

(07/08/22 8:05am)

For Dartmouth’s Classes of 2025, 2026 and 2027, the admissions office has instituted a “test-optional” policy, in which applicants may choose whether to submit standardized test scores as part of their application, but will not be penalized if they do not. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions’ website claims that “it is not the moment to restore the testing requirement” due to the pandemic. Recently, standardized testing has come under fire for two different reasons: access and equity. But these attacks do not hold up under scrutiny. Recent advancements in public health and technology, as well as extensive research, all show that these arguments are either inaccurate or wholly unfounded. Ultimately, Dartmouth will be less able to accept students who will succeed academically if it stays test-optional. The College should once again require applicants to submit standardized test scores. 

Computer science professors create laser light system to detect robots underwater

(07/08/22 9:00am)

Computer science professors Xia Zhou and Alberto Quattrini Li, along with researchers from the HealthX and Reality and Robotics Labs, have created an alternative system that detects robots underwater. The system, called Sunflower, uses a drone to beam a laser light through the water’s surface and track the robots. On June 28, the researchers presented their findings at the 20th annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services.

Q&A with Mabelle Drake Hueston ’86, newly-appointed assistant director of the Native American Program

(07/08/22 9:10am)

In early May, Mabelle Drake Hueston ’86 was appointed as the new assistant director of the College’s Native American Program, which supports Native students at Dartmouth. Hueston sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss her experiences as a Native student and alumna, her previous work with the Alumni Council and her hopes for her new role.

The Cheap Seats: Big Ten Strikes Gold

(07/08/22 6:00am)

Waking up on the opposite side of the country from most of their new conference’s teams, the University of California Los Angeles and the University of Southern California announced that they would be joining the Big Ten in 2024. Last Wednesday, the news from UCLA and USC left a devastated Pac-12 scrambling to look for future ways to expand their conference, while the Big Ten gained two teams with name recognition, a Los Angeles television market ranked second in the nation and a college football monopoly. 

Nicolás Macri ’24, emeritus professor Tom Cormen announce campaigns for NH House seats

(07/08/22 9:15am)

As the 2022 midterm elections approach — and amid New Hampshire’s decision to redraw their two congressional districts — races in the New Hampshire House of Representatives are close to campus, with a Dartmouth student and former professor announcing campaigns in two different districts.

Editor's Note

(07/08/22 7:00am)

The summer has finally arrived. For many Dartmouth students, that means a glimpse into the real world of internships and nine-to-five jobs in big, scary cities. For others, that means exploring the world or seeing old friends who have disappeared throughout the rigor of the Dartmouth year. But for the members of the Class of 2024 —  and a few ’23s sprinkled in —  sophomore summer has begun. And as we stumble into week four (how is it already week four?), we have all felt the change that sophomore summer brings. 

A Monumental Decision

(07/08/22 7:15am)

On June 24, the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade., consequently removing the constitutional right to an abortion. The decision sent reverberations around the world, including here at the College. The College released a statement in response to the decision, Planned Parenthood New Hampshire held a “Ban Off Our Bodies” rally on the Green and many students reacted to the monumental legislation change in their own way. 

Smooth Sailing Ahead: Spotlight on Summer Sailing Lessons

(07/08/22 7:05am)

Just 13 miles from campus on Mascoma Lake lies the Dartmouth Yacht Club. Home to a secluded beach and fleet of sailboats, the club also serves as the site of various instructional sailing programs during the summer months. This includes sailing camps for children, adult lessons and Dartmouth Physical Education sailing classes, which provide beginner sailing lessons to Dartmouth students.

The Chance to be a Star

(07/08/22 7:10am)

Sophomore summer has many long-lasting traditions, from well-known activities like the DOC Fifty hike and the Lou’s Challenge to more debaucherous ones like the Ledyard Challenge and  the annual Masters pong tournament. Yet, some of the most artistic of these traditions are the summer performance groups. For 10 weeks, many student-run performance groups open their doors to the broader student population — regardless of prior experience — allowing them to live out their fantasies of being dancers, comedians or singers.

Review: ‘Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy’ provides a view of Italy’s culinary diversity

(07/08/22 5:00am)

In the second season of the CNN original documentary series “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” actor, writer and producer Stanley Tucci continues his travels across Italy to learn about the nation’s cuisine and culture. Over the course of four episodes, the four-time Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominee brings his audience across different regions of Italy  — Venice, Piedmont and Umbria — with the final episode taking place in London. Tucci focuses not only on each region’s signature dishes, but the rich history and legacy of these dishes. 

Musings from the Museums of Washington D.C.: Portraits, Photos, Stories

(07/08/22 5:05am)

Over the last month, various students interning in Washington D.C. have spent time hopping from museum to museum, reveling in the National Gallery of Art, the Hirshhorn and the Smithsonian museums as arbiters of history. Gazing at unfinished portraits of U.S. presidents in the National Portrait Gallery or indulging in the abstract modern exhibits of the Hirshhorn have brought to life the historical anecdotes previously heard in class, according to some students. 

Tuck receives $52.1 million donation for creation of global summit

(07/07/22 2:29pm)

The Tuck School of Business has received a $52.1 million gift from an anonymous donor, the largest donation in the school’s history, Tuck announced on Thursday. The gift will create and endow the Dartmouth Summit on Health, Wealth and Sustainability, a recurring summit that aims to “improve the health, wealth and sustainability of people and the planet in the 21st century,” according to the announcement. 

Dunleavy: Off Target

(07/01/22 8:05am)

In response to horrifying mass shootings, pro-gun activists have pointed toward the mental health crisis plaguing the United States as the underlying cause of gun violence. Despite this rhetoric, the evidence is clear – mental illness is not to blame for gun violence. The idea that mental illness causes gun violence is harmful, as it encourages prejudice towards those with mental disorders and discourages them from seeking proper medical help. Pro-gun activists use this unfounded claim to distract from the policies that would actually decrease gun violence in the United States. 

Proposed changes to Title IX could increase inclusivity at Dartmouth

(07/01/22 9:00am)

On June 23 —  the 50th anniversary of Title IX —  the U.S. Department of Education opened the public comment period for the Biden administration’s proposed changes to Title IX. According to the Department of Education, the proposed changes are meant to ensure that no student faces sex-based harassment, violence or discrimination under Title IX, conditions weakened under regulations imposed by the Trump administration. Following the public comment period and agency responses to those comments, a final rule will be released. 

Students react to the College’s replacement of undergraduate student loans with scholarship grants

(07/01/22 9:10am)

Beginning on June 23, the College changed its financial aid policy, replacing federal and institutional loans with scholarships grants for undergraduates. The financial aid policy change was first announced during an alumni reunion event and is part of the College’s Call to Lead campaign. 

Students and alumni petition to rename, expand Russian department

(07/01/22 9:05am)

More than 100 students and alumni have signed a petition in favor of restructuring Dartmouth’s Russian department into the Eastern European studies department, reflecting a trend from peer institutions such as Brown University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Yale University, Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania that offer a diverse selection of courses about Eastern Europe.

Class of 1953 Commons reopens late-night dining for summer term

(07/01/22 9:15am)

On Sunday, the Class of 1953 Commons opened for late-night dining, joining Novack Cafe and the Goldstein Snack Bar as the three late-night options this summer. The Courtyard Cafe, which offers both daytime and late-night dining during the academic year, will remain fully closed throughout the summer, according to the Dartmouth Dining webpage. 

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