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Kim, McMahon & Perez Ternent: Even When Cases Get Cleared, Cultures of Harm Persist

(05/27/21 6:10am)

Last summer, former PhD student Maha Hasan Alshawi gathered student and community support when her allegations of sexual harassment from computer science professor Alberto Quattrini Li were not sufficiently addressed. During this time, we, as members of the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault, took part in various conversations with administrators, hosted round tables and collaborated with Alshawi, as well as the advocacy group Justice4Maha, in response to the allegations and the lack of response by the College. We stand by our decision to have done so and will continue supporting and advocating for survivors on campus without hesitation. A formal investigation process began only after Alshawi risked her life in order to increase the visibility of the harm she experienced on campus. 

Graduates, Interrupted: ’21s Look Forward to Continuing School Past Graduation

(05/27/21 6:20am)

Gap years, graduating late, switching around our D plans: My friends and I have all thrown around these ideas casually since COVID-19 altered the college experience. What once seemed like a neat and orderly four-year timeline has since become far more individual, ad-hoc and ever-changing. More interesting, though, is the way that this situation has impacted the senior class. In order to make the most of their remaining time and personal goals, some seniors have decided to take the leap of faith and graduate late. 

TTLG: Back on Two Feet

(05/27/21 6:05am)

Over the course of my four years at Dartmouth, I’ve met many extraordinary people, taken fantastic classes, studied abroad twice, met then-presidential candidate Joe Biden here in Hanover and grown enormously as a scholar and human being. Most of my experiences have been tremendously positive. But my most notable negative experience ultimately made me into a much more resilient individual, even though I would not wish it on anyone else. 

Arabian: A Seat at the Table

(05/27/21 6:05am)

Over the past few months, many students have felt disconnected from the Dartmouth administration. Many of us believe that, despite their sincerest intentions, the administration cannot possibly understand how profoundly the COVID-19 pandemic has affected its students. While, of course, the administration has been forced to make difficult decisions as a result of the pandemic, student perspectives have been largely absent during these decision-making processes.

Editors' Note

(05/27/21 6:00am)

I think we can all agree that this week has been an exceptionally hard one for Dartmouth. In a year that has been filled with ups and downs, this moment in time feels especially low. As our community continues to grieve, we hope that this week’s issue provides a little bit of everything, from reflection to distraction.

Foreign policy fellows program named after John Rosenwald, a long-time Dartmouth leader and board chair emeritus

(05/27/21 6:00am)

On May 20, Dartmouth announced it would endow and expand the foreign relations fellows program in honor of Edward John Rosenwald, Jr. ’52 Tu ’53, according to the Office of Communications. Rosenwald — chair emeritus of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees — has served in various leadership positions at the College for 70 years, including serving on the Board of Trustees, leading the Will to Excel campaign and serving as vice chair of the $1.3 billion Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience. 

Letter from the Editors

(05/25/21 9:52pm)

The Dartmouth has postponed tomorrow’s issue of Mirror to Thursday, May 27 in order to give our writers, editors and staffers time and space to attend tonight’s vigil mourning and honoring the four Dartmouth undergraduate students who have died over the past year. In particular, the tragic death of Elizabeth Reimer ’24 last week and subsequent events have taken a toll on all of campus, and the outpouring of grief and pent-up frustration cannot be ignored. 

College reverses February Guarini Institute budget cuts, reinstates study abroad programs in six departments

(05/25/21 6:05am)

Early this spring, the College reversed its February decision to slash the Guarini Institute for International Education’s expense budget by 28% due to additional funding made available by the College to the Arts and Sciences, Guarini executive director John Tansey confirmed in an email statement. The reversal will enable Guarini to reinstate ten study abroad programs in six departments over the next year, covering additional program expenses that are expected to total approximately $1 million, he added.

College’s decision not to offer air conditioning this summer leaves students frustrated

(05/25/21 6:00am)

On May 14, students living on campus this summer received notification through the online housing portal of the College’s decision to leave all residences without air conditioning for the duration of the summer term. In response, students residing on campus next term have voiced frustration with the decision and questioned its grounds. 

Isalys Quiñones ’19 prepares for Olympic appearance with Puerto Rican team

(05/25/21 6:00am)

Former Big Green women’s basketball forward Isalys Quiñones ’19 will make history this summer by competing with the Puerto Rican women’s basketball team in this year’s Olympics — a first for Puerto Rican women’s basketball. Quiñones will travel with the team to Tokyo, where it will square off against China in its first game on July 27. 

Khan: For the Love of God, Do Anything

(05/24/21 6:05am)

When I was a freshman in 2018, I found myself tangled within the complicated web of Dartmouth’s mental health policies. At every possible turn, I was treated as a nuisance, a legal liability the College could not risk being accountable for. To stay on campus, I traded my medical freedom, waiving my right to confidentiality so that the College could be sure I was pursuing counseling services I could not afford. More than two years on, it is evident that Dartmouth’s policy of cruelty and punitive action has not changed; in fact, the College’s lack of mercy has worsened in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, when more students than ever are in need of mental health care and support. 

Rosenblum, Sheu & Xue: Dartmouth Left Us Unprepared

(05/24/21 6:00am)

We are a group of alumni-affiliated group leaders, many with a decade of experience leading diverse alumni communities including the Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association, Dartmouth’s LGBTQIA+ Alumni Association and Women of Dartmouth. But our Dartmouth education did not leave us prepared to address what we’ve seen in the last two months alone: the mass murder of eight people at a FedEx facility, four of them Sikh; the killings of eight in Atlanta, six of them Asian women; the police shootings of Mah’Khia Bryant, Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo; voter suppression and anti-transgender youth bills; and the murders of trans women of color. The problems we as a society face are interconnected, inseparable and built into the foundations of this country. Yet, Dartmouth treats anti-racist, decolonial teaching and queer studies as siloed and optional fields of study, allowing students to graduate without ever having exposure to these essential educational tenets. 

Machine Gun Kelly reaches new depths in 'Tickets to My Downfall'

(05/24/21 6:00am)

Machine Gun Kelly’s newest album transcends his former rap concentration and launches the artist into his newest exploration: pop-punk. Based heavily on popular music of the early 2000s, “Tickets to My Downfall” marks the genre’s return to popularity with a new edge that makes it stronger than before. With over 66 million streams, Kelly has seen more commercial success from this album than any of his previous work, proving his versatility by successfully making the difficult jump to a new genre.

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