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The Dartmouth
May 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth
2020 Letter to Alumni and Friends

Dear alumni and friends of The Dartmouth,

Our names are Rachel Pakianathan ’21 and Lydia Yeshitla ’21. We are the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The Dartmouth, respectively. We hope this note finds you well.

This past year, the 177th Directorate has been busy. From keeping the Dartmouth community informed of day-to-day COVID-19 updates and campus news, to working on longform, investigative pieces on major developments at the College and Upper Valley, there hasn’t been a mundane day for our journalists and business staff.

Indeed, in this issue, you will find examples of our best reporting from this year. From stories that have led to direct action by the College and by our fellow students at Dartmouth, to exclusives that only The Dartmouth has reported on, we have been able to reach new heights at the paper these past few months.

Because of our journalism, there is much to be proud about at The D right now. We continue to publish stories on a daily basis and maintain a strong readership. Our online presence continues to grow year after year, as we expand our readership across our website, daily e-newsletter and social media pages. This past year, reached nearly 2 million pageviews, with readers from all 50 states and over 180 different countries.

It is worth noting The D’s momentum as a daily newspaper, as it comes at a time when print media and newspapers face challenges both locally and nationally. Media outlets continue to grapple with the rise of fake news and misinformation across a variety of media channels. Despite this, The Dartmouth continues to be the definitive source for news on campus, maintaining our tradition of objective, in-depth and insightful journalism that has defined the newspaper for generations.

We write with the hope that you will support what we are doing at the paper by contributing to The D’s internal Vox Clamantis Fund. Since its founding in 1999 at The D’s Bicentennial Gala, the Vox Fund has supported the mission of independent student journalism at Dartmouth and enhanced the education and career prospects of The D’s dedicated staff.

In addition to supporting the operations of The Dartmouth, donations to the Vox Fund go toward The Dartmouth’s internal Financial Aid Program for student reporters and business associates. The need-based program provides stipends for work study-eligible D staff members with the hope that it will ease the difficulty that comes with balancing class work and work on The D with financial aid employment obligations. Vox contributions also fund leave-term stipends to help make it possible for our promising journalists to pursue unpaid internships and gain invaluable experience outside of Robinson Hall.

The generous support of our loyal alumni and friends is crucial for maintaining these important programs and our independence from the College. Donations are tax deductible, as The D is a qualifying Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You can donate online by clicking on the secure “Donate” link on The Dartmouth’s website,, or by filling out your information on the enclosed, pre-addressed envelope.

If you have any questions about The D or the Vox Fund, please contact us at or the Vox Fund’s current chair, Charles Davant ’98, at

We thank you for your generous support of The D and its student staff members through the Vox Fund and hope that you enjoy this selection of our content from the past year — it has been an honor to keep the tradition of America’s oldest college newspaper alive, and we look forward to many years to come.


The Vox Clamantis Fund Board

Donations can also be made through Venmo or by check. Checks should be addressed to The Dartmouth and mailed to:

The Dartmouth

6175 Robinson Hall

Hanover, NH 03755

2020 Alumni and Friends Issue PDF