Where and How to Use Your Pause Pod

By Carolyn Silverstein | 11/3/17 12:06pm

With finals season fast approaching and Dartmouth students growing more stressed by the minute, it’s important to reflect. What has this term taught you? (How to use negative DBA.) How have you grown? (I’ve learned how to feel guilty about said DBA.) 

Amidst the essays, midterms, projects and finals whizzing around us, we must take the time to pause — in a Pause Pod.

What is a Pause Pod, you ask?

Courtesy of Egotist Mondial via Kickstarter

Described as a “private pop-up space for relaxation” on Kickstarter) — something we all need during finals season — the Pause Pod is useful in many occasions. You can set it up anywhere, lie down and stretch out your legs then fold it and carry it somewhere else when you’re done resting. Feeling nostalgic for First-Year Trips? Showing off your crunchiness? Just want to work on those meditation skills? This is the item for you!

(Disclaimer: No, this article is not being sponsored.)

Wondering where you can set up a Pause Pod at Dartmouth? And how? Wonder no more.

1. Camping out in the library.

Already worried someone will take your favorite chair? Go ahead and set up camp — the Pause Pod even has a leg bag for cozy sleepovers!

2. “Studying” on the Green.  

Nothing says “don’t disturb me” like a tent on the Green! Go ahead and watch “Stranger Things” — it’ll be our little secret.

3. In Blobby, meditating about your midterm.

You don’t have to feel guilty because it’s productive.

4. Waiting in line at KAF.

Coffee and a nap? You’ll be the best rested person in your lecture!

5. Doing “weights” at the gym.

Have you always yearned to be a varsity athlete but never quite made it past the NARP phase? Go ahead and set up your Pause Pod, grab a few dumbbells and announce that you’re training. 

6. Completing the Dartmouth Seven.

Why do the Dartmouth Seven in the cold, muddy grass? Bring a Pause Pod and complete the challenge in style! Bonus points for any deep, meaningful conversations you have with your partner.

7. Waiting near the Foco cookie station.

Never again will you have to time your cookie trips to when the newest batch is done.

8. Running away somewhere in the woods.

If you’re going to run away from your responsibilities, do it in style. 

Carolyn Silverstein