Nine Better Ways to Ask Someone to Formal

By Isabel Adler | 11/9/17 9:45am

Struggling to find a way to ask that cutie in your econ class to formal? It’s true that a flitz is flattering to receive. And being asked in person is sweet in an old-fashioned way. But both of those methods are a bit stale. So here are some better ways to ask that special someone to a formal! 

1.  Send a text to DDS and point it out to them when you casually bump into them at Foco/the Hop/Collis. Warning: This one is challenging because you have to scam them into being at the same food place at the same time. Snapmaps?  

2.  Streak through their 9L with a banner behind you reading “NAME, please come to formal  with me!” It’s best to do this one if you feel very confident they’re into you.  

3.  Get in a large cardboard box, ship it to Hinman and when they come to pick it  up, jump out with confetti. This requires a lot of waiting, but the overall thrill factor is worth it.

4.  Make a Snapchat filter. It’s not that expensive, and imagine how cool it would be to flip through the filters of a certain location and find one that says “4mal?.”  

5.  Use candles to write “formal?” on the Green when they’re studying at night in the Tower Room. Romantic and unique!  

6.  Buy a dozen donuts from Lou’s, and make a large sign that says “Donut say no to formal!” They’d be lying if they said they didn’t love a Lou’s doughnut.  

7.  Write “formal?” in Foco cookies, and leave it on their desk. It’s important to  include a note with your name so they don’t think it’s from a different person.  

8.  Print them an official invitation in the Book Arts Studio. Art and an invitation to a lit party in one go. Who could say no?  

9.  Or, just flitz them. Why not give it a try?

Isabel Adler