Ten Last-Minute Dartmouth Halloween Costumes

By Nicole Aboodi | 10/26/17 9:23am

As Halloween nears, you’re probably hit with a wave of panic: it was midterms, you were browsing through courses for winter term or eh, let’s be honest, you just forgot and now you don’t have a costume for the upcoming holiday. But don’t worry, we’ve all been there. To help the busy, the forgetful and the procrastinators, here’s a comprehensive guide to last-minute Halloween costumes for any Dartmouth student! 

Phil Hanlon: Time to whip out the fake mustache, green tie and rounded glasses. There’s nothing more respectable than the president of the College on the Hill.

The Frat Ban: Perfect for a first-year who resents, but can also laugh at, the six-week inconvenience. Think Zac Efron and Dave Franco in “Neighbors.” Maybe a backwards baseball cap, an open button down shirt and khaki shorts (extra points for a Vineyard Vines belt and a cigar). Then paint “BAN” on the front of your chest.

The Lone Pine: A costume for the model Dartmouth student, someone who embraces the outdoors and would like to literally become one with nature. Staple leaves to your clothing, wrap green pipe cleaners around your arms and wear brown pants.

Keggy: A relatively easy DIY costume for a fan of the unofficial Dartmouth mascot. All you need is a silver top, any metallic bottom and a supply of tinfoil!

The Dartmouth Seven: A group costume for you and your six friends that left Halloween to the last minute. The Stacks could wear book-themed clothing, glasses and a pencil in their hair. The Green could do the obvious and wear all green. Borrow a football jersey and apply some eye black under your eyes for the 50-yard line. 

A NARP: Here’s one for the lazier bunch. Wear normal people clothes! Jeans! A sweater! Leggings! Anything that doesn’t scream “D1 athlete,” aka avoid Nikes, sports gear and dry-fits.

An S&S Officer: Be a disciplinarian instead of getting disciplined this Halloween! A beige sheriff’s shirt, along with the Lone Pine patch that the officers wear, would make the optimal Dartmouth-themed costume. And if the frat party you happen to be at gets shut down by S&S or the dorm room you’re in is being written up, you can blend right in with the officers and avoid any trouble! 

Keystone: An ode to the unofficial Dartmouth College drink. Wear a blue skirt with a silver, metallic top and pin the logo to your chest. 

Hard Alcohol Ban: First, dress up as any favorite hard alcohol. Perhaps Johnnie Walker with the top hat, cane and penguin suit. Then, paint “BAN” on yourself to support the message of the College.

Flair: When in doubt, wear flair! Dress up as your average Dartmouth student who loves to indulge in animal costumes, onesies, tutus and neon articles of clothing. 

Nicole Aboodi