Freshmen vs Seniors in the Frats

By Lily Johnson | 10/25/17 9:02pm

It’s that time of year again: the end of the six-week ban on first-years in Greek houses. ’21s are running around Webster Avenue only to realize that not all frats are even letting them in yet, but where freshmen do get in, they’re easy to spot among the crowds of seasoned frat stars. A lot changes from freshman to senior year, so here’s a handy guide to spotting the difference between freshmen and seniors in the frats!  

1. Getting dressed: While the freshmen get dressed to impress on a night out, seniors know that frat shoes are a necessity and dressing for comfort is a move every time. 

2. Getting into a frat: The first week after the six-week ban sees groups of nervous freshmen playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who will knock on a frat’s door, but by senior year that door is no different than any other. 

 3. The pong line: For some reason, the line to get on table is always four for freshmen, while seniors either get on table quickly or know that it’s usually not worth waiting in line.

Courtesy of Comedy Central via The Odyssey

4. Actually playing pong: Freshmen are famous for their low serves and missing the table, while seniors can show off the killer pong moves they’ve picked up over the years.

5. Fracket hacks: Even though freshmen know to bring a fracket, they still just hope it’s not stolen while seniors have learned all the best hacks (like tying jacket sleeves together!).

6. Going out: Most seniors have long since stopped caring about going out every night, while freshmen have serious #FOMO.

7. “Sweet Caroline:” Even though freshmen and seniors do many things differently on their nights out, there’s one thing everyone has in common: rocking out to “Sweet Caroline” whenever it’s played.

Via The Odyssey

Lily Johnson