Which First-Year Trip Are You Based on Your Horoscope?

By Sloane Papa | 9/20/17 12:30pm

Have you ever wondered what your First-Year Trip would have been like (or what it will be like) if you were assigned a trip based on your zodiac sign? Maybe you hoped to experience something more suited to your personality. Or maybe being forced out of your comfort zone is what made (or will make) your trip so unforgettable. Well, regardless of how your trip went, here’s what your horoscope says about which trip you should have done:

<p>Dartmouth Outing Club announced its 2017 Trips directorate last Thursday.</p>


Aquarius – Community Service: 

Helping others is one of your true callings, Aquarius, so the Community Service Trip is quite fitting. Your downfall is that you desperately need some alone time, but unfortunately Trips is all about bonding and getting to know each other … like really getting to know each other. After five days without a shower, it may impossible to forget some people once their true scents emerge. 

Pisces – Nature Writing and Art or Nature Photography: 

Pisces, Nature Writing and Art or Nature Photography will probably pique your interest considering your desire to escape reality and appreciation for visual media. Take this opportunity to use nature as inspiration or, ya know, sit back and relax with your Cabot cheese while everyone else takes pictures of shrubs. 

Aries – Hike and Climb: 

Aries, your aggressive side would be keen to the Hike and Climb trip. You could truly shine on this trip with your enthusiasm for physical challenges. However, your moodiness may impact the overall experience of the trip. Don’t get too upset if you don’t get to do the Salty Dog Rag with the cute Lodj Croo girl. You could always send a flitz!!

Taurus – Organic Farming: 

Known for your green thumb, you, Taurus, are a perfect fit for Organic Farming. Your love of cooking and romance mixed with the entrancing sunset on the lush farm may set you up just right to spark something special with one of your trippees. Just remember, no tripcest!!

Gemini – Hiking 2: 

As curious as you are, Gemini, your nerves held you back from signing up for anything too challenging. So, you settled with Hiking 2, but little did you know, five to 10 miles a day over “moderately difficult terrain” is still hella difficult. Luckily, your facetimey personality helped you push through and create the ultimate trip experience. 

Cancer – Canoeing: 

Cancer, since you find relaxing on the water so ~wholesome~, canoeing is the perfect trip for you. From the start, you’ll be suspicious of each “bonding” activity that usually turns out to be a complete and utter lie from your trip leaders. But nonetheless, these lies will bring you closer to your trippees and you will be grateful that you went through them with your new classmates. 

Leo – Hike and Yoga: 

You tend to be dramatic, Leos, so take this opportunity to calm yourself before your first term and become one with nature on the Hike and Yoga Trip. Namaste at Camp Dartmouth!!

Virgo – Hiking 4: 

Virgos, people typically refer to you as a hardo, which explains why you signed up for Hiking 4. As the most strenuous hiking trip, averaging 10 miles a day, Hiking 4 suits you well. Although the challenging aspect of this trip appeals to you, the ~crunchiness~ might be a bit of a turn off. Your constant need to be clean will prompt you to bring a crap ton of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. 

 Libra – Nature Exploration: 

Libras, your genuine love for nature inspired you to take advantage of the Nature Exploration trip. Despite the serene and wholesome environment of this trip, your tendency to carry a grudge will provoke you and your trippees to seek revenge on your trip leaders and prank them in return.

Scorpio – Whitewater Kayaking: 

Those of you brave-souled Scorpios would fare well with Whitewater Kayaking. The fast rapids are quite intimidating, but you have the potential to conquer them. Hopefully you are a strong swimmer in case you fall into the water, otherwise you better pray that almost drowning on a DOC trip equates to getting hit by a car on campus — free tuition! 

Sagittarius – Mountain Biking: 

No one likes clingy people, but you, Sagittarius, especially cannot stand them. That’s why Mountain Biking is perfect for you! You can zoom off and take in the open air, not having to worry about making conversation as you hurdle yourself down the mountain. How fun!

Capricorn – Adventure Quest: 

Adventure Quest is the trip for you, Capricorn, given that your know-it-all personality could aid in the problem-solving adventures. Unfortunately, you tend to be unforgiving so you may not respond well to the tricks your leaders have planned, but don’t worry, your appreciation for tradition overrides any emotional trauma you may experience.

Sloane Papa