6 Things To Do In Your Empty 11/12/2 on Green Key Friday

By Alexa Tucker | 5/21/17 1:45pm

It’s Green Key Friday, which means that approximately zero people will be in class. But if you’re for some reason super dedicated to your perfect attendance record, never fear: What many Dartmouth students don’t realize is that empty classrooms present valuable and unique opportunities for personal growth and discovery. Here are some ways to take advantage of your empty 11/12/2 this Green Key Friday.

1. Play “the floor is lava”


How many opportunities in your life will you have to take advantage of all that empty lecture hall furniture to play this time-honored game? Reawaken your inner child and challenge yourself to make it across the room by leaping from one of those itty-bitty folding desks things to another — or better yet, take it up a notch and balance on the backs of chairs. This training will give you the agility to avoid being trampled come concert time, so work hard!

2. Take your class participation from 0 to 100

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Maybe you’ve been slacking off a bit on your discussion participation. Maybe you’re nervous about speaking in front of all your classmates, or you just really are not into doing readings. Is week 8 too late to fix your participation grade?!?! OF COURSE NOT! Being the only person in the class gives you the unique opportunity to dominate the entire discussion and raise your grade astronomically. How much do those other kids speak in a given class, anyways? Like, a minute? Well, you’ve got 8 weeks of class to make up, 65 minutes to participate like you’ve never participated before and a dream — sounds pretty doable to me. Bonus: If you want to be a senator one day, this is perfect practice for filibustering! Do those readings, prepare your ~valuable contribution to the class discussion~ and watch your grade change before your very eyes.

3. Do some rogue research

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Didn’t get a chance to help your fav prof with their research this term? No worries. Now that you’ve been left alone in the lab, it’s the perfect time to break out those beakers and Bunsen burners and get to work!

4. Panic order some flash tats

Not sure how well this will go for you, since it’s already Green Key Friday, but if you’ve forgotten so far maybe Amazon will since you with same day delivery? It’s worth a shot!

5. Corner your professor about raising your grade

With your other classmates gone, you and your prof finally have some valuable one-on-one time to get into the nitty gritty of how you’re going to turn your GPA around in 1.5 weeks. After all, doesn’t your attendance on Green Key Friday of all days show your dedication, and therefore how deserving you are of a little grade boost?

6. Figure out who the Smallpools are

Does anyone really know?

Alexa Tucker