15 Ways to Cure Your Green Key Hangover

By Sloane Papa | 5/23/17 9:50pm

Damn. What a loooong week. When did we start?? Tuesday? Wednesday? It’s all a blur, but the raging headache and bruises on my feet tell me I must have had a damn good time. So you want to know how I survived thrived during the marathon that was Green Key? Well, here are some of my favorite pick-me-ups and the answer to your post-Green Key rage.

1. Order the greasiest food from Lou’s.


2. Watch “The Bachelorette.”

3. Power through and take on ~formal darty szn.~

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4. Get a scoop of hangover powder in your Collis smoothie.

5. Drink more.

6. Mourn the loss of EBA’s while you settle for Domino’s.

7. Relax in Chi Gamma Epsilon’s hot tub.

8. Listen to Sage the Gemini’s songs since you probably don’t remember the concert/didn’t make it to the concert.

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9. Play with the dogs at Gamma Delta Chi.

10. Drink more.

11. Netflix and chill.

12. Take vitamins (Kills two birds with one stone: nutrients to nurse your hangover, and based on the previous night’s escapade that may have led to an unforeseen circumstance, you’ll get a jumpstart on necessary care for your body!!)

13. NEVER nap.

14. Look at your pictures from the night before and try to piece together your night.

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15. Drink more.

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Sloane Papa