Overheards 17S: Week 4

| 4/25/17 8:49pm

EARS professor: "The way we make precipitation happen ... wow, I'm really trying to not say make it rain.”

’18: "The younger classes will never understand the sick thrill of being called out for something on Yik Yak."

’18 #1: “I have to send my phone to Lone Pine Repairs.”
’18 #2:
“I'm pretty sure they can't fix a phone that was dropped in the Chi Gam hot tub.”

Overheard in Collis: "Wouldn't the roommate back in Boulder notice you dragging her mattress down the stairs and out the door?"

Overheard in KAF line:
Person #1:
“So yeah, my earwax situation is out of control.”
Person #2: “That’s not at all what I meant when I asked how you were doing."

20: “Honestly, I miss berries more than I miss my parents.”

’18: "I'm shopping for my Woodstock outfit, and it's really stressing me out because I know it'll be the most photographed day of my life, and yes I'm including my wedding day."

’18: Is anyone here in the Divorced Parents Groupme? If so, add me.”

’20: “I thought KD and KDE were the same thing…”

Overheard in Novack line:
Person #1:
"I'm so glad it's the weekend. I just can't wait to go out."
Person #2: "It's only Thursday ... and you went out last night."

Overheard on FFB: "My dick appointment ditched me last night for a problem set, UGH."

’20: "Don't try me, I once crushed a watermelon between my thighs."

60-ish year old local woman: “I'm more of a squats, weights type. I'm a full blown gym rat.”

’18: “My next blackout day is next Saturday. I already have it planned.”