17 Ways to Celebrate 4/20

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/20/17 2:55pm

Now that Easter and Passover are over, it’s time for the unholy holiday that everyone has been waiting for. We all know you’re going to ignore that New Hampshire is a little bit behind the times, so here are some ways to celebrate Hanover style.


1. Hang out in the grass on the Green

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2. Park yourself in Blunt Lot

Zonia Moore via The Dartmouth

3. Take ENVS 4.20, “Introduction to Mood-Altering Botany”

4. Share a meal at Juul of India

5. Play pong with a full "tree," not shrub

6. Stop by Late Night for the essential nuggets. Hash browns at the Hop will also do.

7. Roll a joint or two. 

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8. Sign up to be a ~trip~ leader

9. Take a slow jog around the Homecoming bonfire for maximum blaze

10. Light up with Morton

11. Get baked (…goods) from KAF

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12. Get as high as you can in Hanover and chill on top of Baker Tower

13. …Technically speaking, the highest building on campus is the smokestack

Sherman Perry via Fine Art America

14. Visit the LSC greenhouse for some fresh herbs

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15. Get fay-ded in the Fays with your favorite four ‘20s

16. Do some weeding at the Organic Farm

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17. Have a poker night with your buds, make sure to invite a good dealer 

Have fun and be safe <3 <3 <3

-Your Buds at Dartbeat

The Dartmouth Web Staff