Overheards: Week 5

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/5/17 10:23pm

CS prof: "You said ‘Vertices A, J, I’ – I heard ‘Vertices B, J, I’ oops I have a mind of my own."

'20 #1: “Happy Chinese New Year!”
'20 #2: “I can’t believe the Chinese time zone is 28 days behind.”

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DDS worker #1: "How do you fit nine different veggies in a single dumpling?"
DDS worker #2: "That's what I'M saying, man!"

H-Po officer to a '20: "It's up to you whether or not you want to tell your father about this."

Courtesy of Warner Bros. via giphy.com

'19: "Observing white people from afar: The Dartmouth experience."

'20: "Normally I end up having to take birth control with vodka."

'20 #1: “Question, what does ‘bighead’ mean?”
'20 #2: “It's like a term of endearment.”
'20 #1: “Oh, I thought it was about like penis size.”

‘20 #1: “___ hasn't given my headphones back.”
‘20 #2: “Heorot hasn't given my dignity back.”

International MEM student after losing a drinking game: "We are galaxy refugees."

'19: "I had four birthday parties in a row at Chuck-E-Cheese. I had ALL the tickets"

’17 Boy: “Is it the Super Bowl tomorrow?”
’17 Girl: “Yeah.”
’17 Boy: “What sport is that?”
’17 Girl: “Football.”

’19: “The wall will take 10 years to build and by that time our country will be destroyed.”

’19 trying to cop the wifi password: “SigEp Public is for the plebs!!!”

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