By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 11/4/16 10:52am

’18: “Wiz Khalifa is short for wizard khalifa.”

’18 leaving class: “Is writing about iCarly weird?”

’18: "Liberal arts at Dartmouth: OK I need this distrib...what course will get me an A?”

’18: "We're best friends, but sometimes when I have morals we argue”

’17 Girl #1:"What're those things that are really large and irrelevant now?"

’17 Girl #2:"An encyclopedia?”

Professor: "When I was at Brown, I realized every student was poor, and I gathered this because everyone wore rags and tattered flip flops and only talked about how tired and hungry they were.”

’19:"I want to be a homewrecker for a really, really nice house”

The Dartmouth Web Staff