16X Bucket List

| 6/24/16 7:36am

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At the start of every term, naïvely optimistic Dartmouth students throwimpressive but far-fetched ideas onto a rough “to-do list” with their friends, saying to themselves, “This time, we’ll complete the list.” But let’s be honest, does that ever actually happen? No, because before you realize it, it’s week nine and you’re drowning in midterms (yes, even during week nine) and gearing up for finals, not to mention plunging deeper into the sinkhole of negative DBA. But if there’s one term to complete a bucket list, it’s sophomore summer – supposedly the most fun term of our college careers.

When I began my own 16X bucket list a few days ago, a friend told me, “Add ‘Win Masters.’” Yes, this item would be awesome to cross off a bucket list, but is it attainable? For me, absolutely not. She then suggested, “Get A’s in all your classes.” Once again, not very probable (in fact, maybe even less likely than winning Masters). So as I arrived at Camp Dartmouth for the summer, I consulted some older friends (miss you already, ‘16s!) to make a comprehensive yet achievable 16X bucket list. Here’s my guide to doing sophomore summer right:

1. Picnic in a canoe. Get Foco or Collis to go (dining options are sadly limited) and take it down to the river.
2. Sunrike Gile. Sunrise + hike (more like an easy walk through the woods) + Gile firetower + friends + snacks (optional but recommended) = endless fun, even for those of us who aren’t crunchy.
3. Stargazing. Go to the golf course at night, or take advantage of the open observatory every Friday night.
4. Jump off the ledges and/or the copper mines. It’s a must. And take pictures or it didn’t happen.
5. Farmer’s market. On the Green every Wednesday afternoon. Be sure to try the kettle corn – you won’t regret it.
6. Streak through the sprinklers on the Green at night. For those of us who are not quite daring enough to do the Ledyard Challenge, this is a great alternative.
7. Factory tours. Do the Ben and Jerry’s Factory (bonus points for eating a Vermonster) and Cabot Factory tours.
8. Go to Montreal for the weekend. Drive or take the Greyhound there – it’s only three hours away! Eat, shop, explore and remind yourself that life does in fact exist outside of Hanover.
9. Rope swings. Jump off the ropes in Pine Park or kayak out to Gilman Island and use the swings there.
10. Go to a drive-in movie in Fairlee, Vermont. It’s only four miles away and $9 to get in! Be sure to check out what’s playing online.
11. Eat at Fort Lou’s late at night. The diner is described online as “a 24-hour truck stop dispensing hearty American chow such as all-day breakfasts and baked goods.” What could be better? Make this The Fort Lou’s Challenge rather than The Lou’s Challenge. (Been there, done that!)
12. Pick blueberries in Lyme. Go to Super Acres Unsprayed Blueberries and pick (eat) your own fresh blueberries.
13. Hike Moosilauke on the 4th of July. Eat dinner at the Lodj, hike Moosilauke afterwards and watch the town fireworks from the top!

Well, there you have it – an achievable 16X bucket list. Now get off your computer and start checking things off!