Things We Learned this Green Key

By Emma Chiu | 5/24/16 9:43am

This won't bethe first (or the last) post we make about GreenKey this year. (We live for this stuff, okay?) And that's because every year, Dartmouth students walk out of Green Key smarter, wiser and with less kidney function than the year before. Here's what we learned fromthis year's Green Key weekend:

  1. If you weren't wearing pastels or a Hawaiian t-shirt with Ray Bans, you weren't really at block party.

  2. If you didn't post a pic of yourself in front of Beta's American flag, you also weren't really at block party.
  3. Flash tats are gender-neutral.
  4. Your TA does exist outside of the classroom. (No, that doesn't mean you're allowed to hit on them now.)
  5. Mob mentality is REAL.
  6. Apparently, we all attend “Dartmouth University.” Thanks, Cash Cash.

  7. EDM means the official death of live music.
  8. People who aren’t Dartmouth students actually do live in Hanover.
  9. A good numberof these non-studentshave fake Dartmouth IDs.

  10. Alums don't know what they’re doing here either.

  11. Safety and Security locks you out of the buildings you need most. What do you mean I can’t nap in the Hyphen?
  12. The wait for tower tours is way shorter than during to First Year Family Weekend.
  13. Bucket hats are still "in” right now.
  14. A significant portion of the student body is capable of drinking for four consecutive days.

  15. It is possible for every single seat in the Tower Room to be filled the Sunday after Green Key.
  16. And last but not least, "How was your Green Key?” translates to “TELL ME ANY EMBARRASSING STORIES YOU HAVE FROM THIS WEEKEND.”

Emma Chiu