Six Things Trip Leaders Should Actually Train For

By Lucy Tantum | 5/5/16 4:18am

Dartmouth Outing Club First-Year Trips is one of Dartmouth’s most cherished traditions. Every year, freshmen are led into the wilderness by slightly older upperclassmen with little but tarps, iodine pills and excessive amounts of Cabot cheese. What could go wrong?

Trip leaders are currently training for this year’s adventures — they’re learning first aid as well as map-reading and team-building skills. But what should trip leaders really be preparing for? Here are Dartbeat'sadditions to the training curriculum:

1. Interacting with thru-hikers

2. Waking up very early

3. Preparing dinner for 10 with only a bowl and a spork

4. Orchestrating intricate pranks

5. Watching out for trippees’ bodily functions

6. Organizing post-trip social events

Lucy Tantum