By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 5/25/16 2:26pm

’17: “I made out with this chick at the Green Key concert. I thought I knew her and asked if she was an ’18. She said, 'Yeah, I’m 18.’”

Student: “I got a tattoo at Chi Gam the other day.”

’19: “My head hurt so much Saturday. I had to drink to get rid of my hangover.”

’19: “Have you NOT seen the 'SpongeBob' movie? ”

’19: “I feel like grad students going to frat parties is the equivalent of us going to a bar mitzvah.”

’17: “Well, we pretty much started drinking Wednesday night, and I didn’t really stop until Sunday morning.”

’18 guy: “Wanna go to TDX?”
’18 girl: “I’m not drunk enough and my standards aren’t that low yet.”

’16: “One great thing about Green Key is that my step count has gone through the roof!”

’18: “Someone asked what house I was in and I said Phi Beta Kappa.”

’19 #1: “Why do vegetables make you bloat?”
’19 #2: “There’s a lot of air in them.”
’19 #1: “Does that mean I should breathe less?”

’18 abroad: “Do mojitos go down smooth?”

’17: “I like to pair my alcohol with my TV shows.”

’18: “He definitely seems like he was bullied as a child.”

Guy on the street during GK: “Is it 5:18 a.m. or p.m.?”

Student #1: “And then I walked into the library and found two people fucking.”
Student #2: “Oh, the stacks?”
Student #1: “No, East Asia. I think they were too drunk to find the stacks."

The Dartmouth Web Staff