By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 5/11/16 10:15am

'18: "Maybe someday we'll have gif composites."

German professor: "You flipped two letters—instead of writing 'a cheap watch,' you wrote 'a cheap whore.'"

Freshman’s Dad: "You still want to go to the florist, right, honey?"
Freshman’s Mom: "Yeah, King Arthur Flour."

'19: "I've never struggled for anything."

'16: "The one thing I’ll never buy on the black market is plastic surgery."

Girl in Novack: "I have booty shorts with my name on them, but it's misspelled."

'16 #1: "I forgot to pay for my roll at Novack because I put it in my pocket."
'16 #2: "Okay, Aladdin."

The Dartmouth Web Staff