By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/20/16 6:42am

Prospies playing "Never Have I Ever": "Never have I ever not committed to Dartmouth."

'17: "I had a dream that I was having sex with my best friend's sister but it turned out to be his mom. Either way, he was pissed."

'19 #1: "I went holiday shopping."
'19 #2: "What did you get?"
'19 #1: "Goldfish, gushers..."
'19 #2: "Wait, what kind of holiday is it?....Ohhhh."

'16:"What if you sleep with the identical twin of someone you're dating but you didn't know at the time? Is that cheating? This hasn't happened, but I plan on it eventually.

'17 on seeing friend take Mucinex: "Oh my god, is that birth control? Can I have one?"

Bolocco delivery guy on first-floor Berry: "I'm on the third floor."

The Dartmouth Web Staff