By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/13/16 8:53am

Younger admissions officer to older admissions officer: “How do you even read 20,000 applications? I don’t know how you’d even do that!”

’18 #1: “I’m scared of Sherman Art library. It’s so quiet and unfamiliar.”
’18 #2: “Well, so are most of the guys you hook up with.”

TDX ’16: “The professor was so smart I couldn’t even take notes because I couldn’t spell half the words he was saying.”

Girl on KAF line:"I've realized I've been drunk more nights this term than sober."

’17: “If a guy doesn’t try to make a kick save during pong, does he even like you?”

’18 #1:“What should I wear to Psi Zoo tonight?"
’18 #2:“Show up as yourself ya filthy animal.”

'19:"John Mayer definitely wrote 'Free Fallin.' I've never even heard of Tom Petty."

The Dartmouth Web Staff