A Guide to Library Etiquette

By Margaret Jones | 4/18/16 10:35am

We’ve all had those days. You know, the Sunday afternoons when you are sitting in blobby and trying really hard to start finish a 20-page paper due for your 9L the next morning. Your productivity is obviously at an all-time high, but people keep stopping by your table and bothering you. I mean, were they raised in a barn??!?

Or the tables are turned, and this time you are meandering about the lib one Sunday night and decide to stroll through 4FB. And there you struggle to decide whether or not you should chat with your friends who don’t really seem to be doing anything productive.

Whether you are being annoyed or the one doing the annoying, Dartbeat has compiled an all-encompassing guide to library etiquette. (Hey ’19s, with pre-rush events already in full swing, there is no time like the present to showcase your new and improved manners when meeting upperclassmen!)

1) Blobby

seriously Please Facebook stalking

Yeah, like I was studying in Blobby because I had five midterms and three papers to finish before my 2A x-hour, and people just kept walking up to my table expecting me to entertain them. Like, dude, it’s 4 p.m. on a Wednesday. Don’t you have something better to do?

2) Tower Room

I was working in the Tower Room the other day because some girl from my high school goes to Cornell and storied this pic of her in the lib, so obviously I had to go and have a photo shoot with my books to prove that Dartmouth is far more ~studious~ and photogenic.

3) FFB


Yeah, I saw my friend working on FFB, but he looked like he was really enthralled by his reading and I didn’t want to disturb the ambient background hum of other people ~not talking at all~, so I left.

4) 3FB / 4FB

all the way up those stairs

Yeah, I went to 3FB and played my music so loudly that everyone around me without music could hear it. I only finished like 3 out of the 100 problems on my p-set.

5) The Stacks

I looooveeee jamming out by the first-floor stacks windows. And if I throw you a look of fear and desolation, it’s only because I want you to come in and rage with me!

6) Sanborn Library


There was a BANGER in Sanborn the other day. Someone definitely smashed a teacup. You could say it was pretty #lit.

And there you have it. You are now well versed in Dartbeat library etiquette. Go forth, young grasshoppers, into Baker-Berry Library and show ’em who’s polite!

Margaret Jones