Week 9 as Described by Celebrity Breakdowns

By Lucy Tantum | 3/3/16 7:48am

Week 9 is a time of mental fragility for many students. Though you probably won’t shave your head or commit arson this week (too soon?), you just might relate to some of these high-profile meltdowns. But don’t worry—if Britney’s hair can grow back, you can survive the rest of 16W.

Lindsay Lohan

Remember the Lindsay Lohan in “Parent Trap?” Remember being a freshman on the first day of Trips, before you had ever heard of academic rigor? It feels like so long ago.

Tom Cruise

When Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch in 2005 to express his love for Katie Holmes, most viewers thought he had gone off the deep end. But when you come across a short KAF line or an open spot on 3fb this week, you might just have the same reaction.

Britney Spears

In 2007, Britney got divorced, shaved her head and went to rehab. On the bright side, though, she’s bounced back since then. And if she can do it, so can you!

Karl Rove

Remember the 2012 presidential election when Obama won Ohio and Fox News correspondent Karl Rove went into denial on-air? No? Regardless, this week you may end up channeling Rove’s vehement rejection of reality. Maybe if you pretend your exam isn’t happening, it will just go away.

The “Kony 2012” guy

“Kony 2012” was an inspiring example of social mobilization. That is, until its director, Jason Russell, had a stress-induced meltdown during which he vandalized cars while naked. Here’s a goal for week nine: try to keep your clothes on.

Kanye West

Although not necessarily indicative of a breakdown, Kanye’s tweets have been strange lately. For example, he recently tweeted a numbered list of things he didn’t like about Wiz Khalifa. It’s easy to find something to blame for your week nine stress, whether it’s your group project partners or Wiz’s cool pants.

Charlie Sheen

After a few solid hours of studying, you may emerge from Annex B feeling like 2011 Charlie Sheen: Winning! But make no mistake—your veins aren’t full of tiger blood, just Fogbuster.

Lucy Tantum