Alternate Dartmouth Engagement Photos

By Annette Denekas, The Dartmouth Staff | 3/2/16 4:21am

You are studying in the tower room, running around Occom or cutting across the Green when you look over and see them – a glowing couple taking engagement photos. Here’s an interesting statistic for you: 10% of Dartmouth grads go on to marryother Dartmouth grads. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than drunkenly playing pong, sitting together in puddles of beer on frat basement benches, sending awkward flitzes or hooking up at TDX dance parties – all ways in which Dartmouth students often get together.


The Steps of Foco: Good times, good meals, good cookies.


Collis “8 Ball Hall”: Reminisce about the place where you spent the most time procrastinating.


The Hopkins Center Lobby: Nothing more romantic than photo-bombing janitors.


Hinman Boxes: It’s nice to have that special someone beside you when you discover flyers for the blood drive and voting registration.


The Archway Next to the Hop: Ignoring the messy construction and scaffolding, the stained stone ground and the faded bricks, the archway is beautiful.


The BVAC “Plaza”: The snow blower in the background provides a lovely “Winter Wonderland” theme.


The Lodge: Pose in front of Dartmouth’s classiest dorm.


The Green: Try a candid photo. Recall the many times you were late to class and sprinted across the Green together.


The Light Where You Wait to Cross the Street into Downtown: It wouldn't be an engagement photo album without a selfie, right?!


FFB Bathrooms:A staple spot of any Dartmouth career.


The Stacks:Document the first time you attempted one of the Dartmouth Seven.


Novack Vending Machines:The place where you got food poisoning together that one night – so romantic. And the trash cart contributes a charming aesthetic.

All photos courtesy of Annette Denekas, The Dartmouth Staff

Annette Denekas, The Dartmouth Staff