Picks of the Week 16W.5

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/16/16 5:25am

Dartbeat asks a group of musically inclined students to recommend their favorite song picks of the week. We then share a few of those tracks. Enjoy!


Pell — Monday Morning

Lucy Tantum: Most people don't look forward to Monday morning, but this song might just change that. Pell, an up-and-coming rapper hailing from New Orleans, evokes an image of a sun-filled and optimistic day in this track from his 2015 album "Limbo." The lyrics send a positive message of connecting with the world and enjoying the day. I might use this song as my alarm—maybe then I'll be in a better mood for my 9L.


Sir The Baptist — Raise Hell ft. ChurchPeople

Grace Miller: Sir The Baptist is the son of a preacher from Chicago. He interweaves the influence of his religious upbringing and Chicago crime to create music that has meaning, but is also insanely fun to listen to. The YouTube description for the official "Raise Hell" music video reads: "This is not simply a standard music video, but an educational and artistic demonstration from the prospective of rioters who are seemingly invested in causes that are often ignored by local political powers." Despite the song’s weighty message, "Raise Hell" remains upbeat and exciting, and is sure to make you smile.


Pale Honey— Lonesome

Parker Richards: One of the best songs to come out of the Swedish music scene in years, “Lonesome” is beyond amazing. Pale Honey’s chic, offbeat pop rock sound is fresh and simply different than a lot of other bands that, on the surface of things, are similar. The Nordic alternative rock scene has been increasingly infused with noise pop (The Raveonettes) and post-punk revivalism (The Sounds), so it’s nice to hear a simple, toned-down, well-produced and highly evocative sound like that of Pale Honey’s coming from the North. With “Lonesome,” Pale Honey ties an upbeat tune to a melancholy concept, flips it on its head and asks the audience: What's so wrong about loneliness? Pale Honey for Green Key 2k16, anyone?

The Dartmouth Web Staff