Picks of the Week 16W.3

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/1/16 10:49am

Dartbeat asks a group of musically inclined students to recommend their favorite song picks of the week. We then share a few of those tracks. Enjoy!

Kehlani—Did I

Lucy Tantum:Kehlani is an up-and-coming singer from the Bay Area, and her new single, "Did I," might just be her breakout moment. The twenty-year-old artist's rich voice layers nicely over a laid-back beat, creating a song that’s perfect for relaxing to after a long day of classes. With her great voice and optimistic attitude, this rising star definitely deserves a listen.

FLOR—Get Behind This

Paige Bigley:This was one of those songs that popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and I immediately became obsessed. Flor is a group of four guys from Los Angeles and as far as I can tell, they haven't really blown up yet (bonus:all of their songs arestill only 99¢ on iTunes). It was hard to pick just one song because their whole Sights & Sounds (2015) album is amazing, but "Get Behind This" is my favorite (check out "Heart" too, though).If you're looking forhappy, upbeat music you haveto give this a listen.


Mike Posner (Jordan XL Remix)—Be As You Are

Grace Miller:Remember Mike Posner? You probably sang “Cooler Than Me” (2010) with your friends about those mean girls in middle school. Well look at you now! You are a wonderful nerd at Dartmouth! Mike Posner has made a similar transformation with “Be As You Are” (remixed by Jordan XL if you want your next feel-good dance song, or unremixed if you feel like tearing it up).

Flume—Never Be Like You feat. Kai

Tiantian Zhang: Skin

The Dartmouth Web Staff