By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/26/16 5:53am

'18 at Collis: "There should be a VIP line at Collis."

'16 guy: "I can't go out in the rain. I lost my umbrella and I don't own clothes with a hood. I also don't wear hats because it messes up my hair. You don't condition that shit for nothing."

'18: "I tried to file a bias report against my boss because he's an asshole but it turns out that's not actually what those things are for."

'18: "I want a lady in the streets and a freak at the buffet."

'17: "My boyfriend got drunk and told me I look like Daniel from 'Damn, Daniel.'"

'16: "I've pretty much decided that my primary form of exercise for the spring will be sexual activity."

The Dartmouth Web Staff