By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/12/16 9:32am

’18: “What is wrong with your life if two of your exes are in the same College Humor video?”

Student on FFB: “Do you think fish can actually breathe?”

’18: “This place is too fancy for me.”
’16: “That’s how I feel about Psi U.”

Psychologyprofessor: “If drugs made animals talk to me, I’d probably smoke weed all day.”

’18: “I accidentally added my high school guidance counselor on Snapchat. And she accepted. I don’t know what to do now.”

’17 #1: “Dude, you smell fucking horrible.”
’17 #2: “I have midterms. Hygiene is not high on my priority list this week, OK.”

Student in FFB bathroom: “I got like five hours of sleep. I feel so refreshed!”

’17: “He looks like someone who’d send you links to bullshit YouTube videos at 3 a.m.”

Girl in 3FB: “Oh my gosh, my cousin had a baby yesterday.”
Guy in 3FB: “Nice. What kind?”

The Dartmouth Web Staff