Suspended/Derecognized Party Playlist

By Luke McCann | 2/11/16 6:40am

If one question has plagued our generation as of late, no doubt it is turn down for what? And with the recent derecognition of SAE and the suspension of Tabard and KDE, it seems Parkhurst has delivered a decisive response — turn down for administrative authority.

At this point, it’s not even hip/alt to flaunt your organization’s punitive record because we all have one. And I’m not going to offer my own opinions on these punishments and whether or not explicit violations of College policy should be, I don’t know, disciplined. Frankly, that’s not what this post is about, and I’m not interested in receiving threats on Yik Yak (RIP B@B, RIP Tab girl).

Instead, I’m going to make sure you at least get some sick beats for these darks days. Whether you’re blasting these songs from your fraternity sound system for the campus to hear, or you have the decency to weep privately in your soon-to-be-vacated room, this playlist has everything: the classic “F**k authority” jams, the slower songs to help you realize your time is over and the nostalgic tunes to allow reflection on what might have been (but hopefully not) the best years of your life.

Thus, I present the “Suspended/Derecognized Party Playlist.” Enjoy it alone, with a small group of friends or in your final bout in the basement.

Luke McCann