10 Alternatives to "Alcohol Blanket"

By Anna Staropoli | 2/19/16 5:35am

Dartmouth is cold. Really cold. Which makes going out on weekends a little challenging. Sometimes it’s simply not enough to zip up our frackets and cross our fingers. Despite being completely inadvisable, sometimes we turn to our trusty red solo cups to keep warmin Hanover'ssubarctic temperatures. While drinking does not actually warm you up, alcohol does cause your blood vessels to dilate, shifting blood flow to the skin’s surface. This added “insulation” has been called “liquid warmth” or “alcohol blanket,” but these terms have gotten a little hackneyed (read: annoying AF). So we’re offering up some other suggestions to term the heat that pre-games really provide:

1. Tequila Tunic

2. Double-fisted Fracket

3. Scotch Snuggie

while and
4. Champagne Cape

5. Beer Blazer

6. Gin Gown

7. Whiskey Windbreaker

8. Vodka Veil

9. Rum Robe

Hugh Heffner’s
10. Grey Goose Canada Goose

Anna Staropoli